In Touch – Jan 2011

Leadership Training in Kuala Lumpur

I hope everyone has safely recovered from the Christmas and New Year festivities and is ready to face the coming year. I know that your Leadership Trios certainly hit the road running with two days of intensive training in Kuala Lumpur on the 14th & 15thof January.

This was the first time that Region 12 Leadership teams have had the opportunity to participate in Mid-Year training and by all reports it was highly successful. The training was conducted at the Grand Millennium Hotel for the three Regions in our part of the world, Regions 12, 13 & 14. Leaders from China, India, Japan, The Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand gathered together to share their experiences, discuss their challenges and develop their skills.

We were fortunate to have our Executive Director Dan Rex from World Headquarters to lead the training team which consisted of Region Advisors Sue Haynes, John Bosco Abraham and Joseph Gomez and International Directors Gea Ban Peng, Keith Ostergard and yours truly. Judging by the feedback so far the two days were not only a great opportunity to learn but a wonderful opportunity to network. A special vote of thanks must go to Past District 51 Governor Ritchie Chong for a wonderful job of co-ordinating the venue, arranging the entertainment and promoting the camaraderie which we all enjoyed.

Speaking of entertainment, members would have been amazed to see the likes of Dan Rex, John Kay, Denis McCord and Mark Richards, supported by a huge cast of enthusiastic (albeit not professional) singers at a last night Karaoke which went on until the small hours of the morning. Organised by Ritchie it was a great example of the bonding that took place and added a truly international flavour to the whole event.

Shopping Up a Storm

There was another noticeable event as well. Our Region Advisor Sue Haynes achieved a newly instigated Presidential Shopping Award for her effort in buying 12 pairs of shoes during the few days she was in KL. I am sure this is a record that will stand the test of time, at least until Sue goes on another shopping spree. I should mention here that Sue earned her shopping time by leading much of the training sessions and doing a wonderful job.

News From the Board

February sees the Board meet in Portland Oregon in the middle of the month, where the temperature at the moment is 2 degrees, a little cooler than Kuala Lumpur. With club officer training, Division Conferences and the push for members to achieve their personal goals for this Toastmasters year it will be a hectic 5 months ahead.

It is also that time of the year when the search for the leaders of our district for the forthcoming year takes place. Whether at club, Area, Division or District level has you considered taking on a leadership role? Our organisation is a leadership and communication organisation.

Are you neglecting one aspect of what Toastmasters has to offer?

Please consider the possibility of taking on a leadership role; you’ll be glad you did.

Natural Disasters

Finally in closing I would be remiss if I did not extend to those members in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, who suffered or were affected by the recent floods, my hope is that better days are to come and to offer whatever support the organisation can reasonably provide. If your club has lost material as a result of the inundation please advise your District so that World Headquarters may be advised as soon as possible. Manuals etc can be replaced, members are irreplaceable.

Stay in touch.

Mike Storkey DTM PDG

International Director
Region 12

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  1. Ritchie says:

    Thanks Mike for all the great time and sharing! Appreciate them so much! Keep well always, wishing Region 12 in particular and the organization as a whole a continued success……..
    Happy Holidays……. Next regional training will be in Sydney next month January 2012….. Am so very sure you all will be playing the best host! regards……

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