Steve Bullock

Term of Office 2013-2014



Barrie Fuller

Barrie Fuller DTM PDG (2012-2013)

Term of Office 2012-2013

Barrie is retired from the paid workforce but not from life. He has been a Toastmaster since 1975 and has achieved a Distinguished Toastmaster Award and was District 69 Governor in 1992-93.

With a wealth of knowledge about the operations of clubs and districts, he brought to the organisation his experience and ‘can do’ attitude.  Assisting the district governor with various international visits, corporate visits and co-chairing convention committees ensured that Barrie has not been idle since his formal district leadership role finished. As a sales executive for a major world wide business systems printing company; designing and implementation was a major part of his duties along with training sales staff.

Barrie resides in Brisbane, Queensland and is a member of The Bunya Toastmasters Club.



Sue Haynes

Sue Haynes

Sue Haynes DTM PDG (2010-12)

Term of Office 2010-2012

I am often asked what my role as Region Advisor entails and how it will help our District to achieve its goals. The RA helps the District leaders resolve issues districts face and serves as a vital link between the district and World Headquarters. RAs are volunteers with expert knowledge about marketing-related issues and awareness of current trends in their regions. They stay well-informed of Toastmasters organizational developments and their impact on the district.

In a consultant capacity, RAs help districts fulfill the district mission. Their objective is to support district leaders’ efforts to enhance the quality and performance of its clubs.

The RA is responsible for:

  • Identifying strategies that enable the district to expand its marketing capacity
  • Assessing district needs in consultation with district leaders
  • Developing improved marketing strategies with district leaders
  • Facilitating training at the International Convention and at mid-year training
  • Interpreting and planning marketing goals with the district leadership team
  • Supporting club-building
  • Training on how to conduct effective corporate visits
  • Creating marketing training programs with the district
  • Understanding training materials aimed at the development and training of sponsors, mentors and club coaches
  • Publishing of the region Website “Partners Under The Southern Cross”

These responsibilities are not inclusive and are constantly developing as this new role continues to evolve.

I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to support the District leaders in this new role. However my role will end in June 2012 and a new Region Advisor will be appointed this year  to commence his or her duties in March 2012 in order to allow some overlap and thus mentoring of the role.